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People are always asking where to buy HCG and where can I buy HCG?

There are many fancy websites and slick marketeers out there with "special" offers of low prices....

Sadly, most of these offers are for the fake, homeopathic version of HCG - which can be dangerous - just like Dr Oz says.

Our goal is to help people
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DOCTOR's WARNING: Like even Dr. Oz says, please avoid homeopathic HCG or other HCG imitations. Not only are these not effective, but they can be DANGEROUS when used for a HCG Diet!   Read more...

Dr Oz: Where to Get HCG

Dr Oz says...
"Do not buy HCG supplements at the drug store, vitamin store or online"
      Only get HCG from a doctor
         so you know what it is...

"Never eat less than 1200 calories per day without a doctor involved to safeguard your health..."
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